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Packing Lists & FAQ

Packing Lists 

Follow the packing list precisely. Do not bring more and do not bring less. We have minimized the list as much as possible and listed items that can be used for almost all CAP overnight activities. All items on the list are required unless specifically indicated as optional.




  • Buy your boots and dress shoes well ahead of the encampment and break them in before encampment starts. However, old worn-out shoes can be just as detrimental and are also not recommended as they can fall apart during encampments heavy activity. Cadets will spend a lot of time on their feet. The most common injury at encampment is blisters from brand-new boots.

  • Participants will get hot, sweaty, and dirty. This means it is extremely important to pack the required number of socks, underwear, t-shirts, and personal hygiene products.

  • Cadets, if your parents/responsible adult purchases your clothing and supplies, please provide them with a copy of the packing list as soon as possible.

  • Check, double-check, and have someone else check all items before departing for encampment. Each year, some cadets arrive without all the required items. You might want to consider taking the time to completely dress in each uniform (PT/Blues/ABUs) as you pack them this helps you not forget small items. The most often forgotten items are belts, ABU covers, blues flight caps, insignia, and shower shoes. No spare uniform items are available at encampment and next-day-air for a necessary but forgotten item gets expensive. 

  • If you are currently missing items your home squadron should be able to clarify any information, can make recommendations, and may be able to assist in obtaining items. Some uniform items may require ordering so allow adequate time. All clothing and equipment should be marked indelibly with cadet's name using a permanent marker or written on waterproof tape. Especially Blues shirts, pants/skirts, belts, and covers, and also ABU pants and covers.

  • If you have any uniform item questions get them resolved before encampment by looking at CAPs Uniform Regulation 39-1 (CAPR 39-1) or asking your home squadron.

  • Cadets who sometimes wear medical braces should bring those braces with them to encampment. Encampment is going to be physically demanding and many cadets end up wishing they had their knee or ankle brace with them. It can be difficult to find some medical braces and we are sure you do not want to buy another expensive medical brace if your cadet has one at home.

  • Pack smart you will be expected to transport your own luggage during and after In-Processing; pack accordingly. Make it easy to carry/move all your stuff by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

My son or daughter has never been away from home before … is this a problem?

  • Normally, this is not a problem. We do recommend discussing the concept with them and let them know that if they get homesick they shouldn’t hesitate to let one of their cadet or senior member staff know. Encampment is not a typical sleep-away camp, it has a military feel, is fast-paced, and provides very little free time. For some cadets, this may be a bit overwhelming for the first few days and every year a few cadets get homesick. The encampment staff will make time to gently talk with those cadets to help them preserve and go on to have a great time. If a cadet is really struggling we will call home to get advice on how best to encourage the cadet and if recommend put them on the phone. We want every cadet to succeed and graduate from encampment and for some that require moral support from training officers, command staff, or chaplains.

  • Parents: Do not set up a communication plan with your cadet! Cadets (students or staff) will not have cell phones (cell phones are on the prohibited items list and staff will do contraband inspections), nor will they have access to a telephone or internet-connected device. If there is a problem the encampment staff will contact parents. Please, ensure while your cadets are at encampment you can easily be reached or you have provided contact information for a designated family member or friend who acts on your behalf. If you need to contact your cadet due to an emergency call the encampment number or message encampment@mswg.cap.gov and the staff will make the arrangements your family needs.

  • Cadets: it is normal for your family to experience a longing for your presence while you are away from home at encampment. Please encourage them to persevere through your absence and know that you are in a safe place. Show them the website and have them join the MSWG Encampment Facebook page so they can visit it often and look for photos and videos.

Who supervises cadets at Encampment?

  • Safety is of paramount importance throughout encampment! Approximately forty adult CAP staff members, both male and female, supervise cadets at all times. Same-gender senior members are housed just outside cadets’ barrack rooms ensuring cadets are supervised twenty-four hours a day.

What type of dining and housing facilities are used?

  • Cadets will be living in open-room military barracks during encampment. The barracks are set up for up to 12 member flights, plus the flight staff. Flights are pre-assigned. Male and female cadets are housed in separate barracks pods and there are designated male and female bathroom facilities that include individual toilet and shower stalls.

  • Dining facilities are within a short walk from the main area of operations. Food is prepared by Senior Members with food service training in professional kitchens and is served with a combination of cafeteria style, mobile, and sack lunches as needed. A balanced diet with appropriate calories to support the activity level of the cadets is provided. Legitimate food allergies and medical/religious dietary restrictions should be addressed during the application process and every effort will be made to accommodate these requirements. If you have questions or concerns the burden is on you to reach out to the food services staff prior to encampment, preferably at least one month before the start, to ensure the staff is prepared to service your cadet. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to accommodate diets that are “lifestyle or life-choice” decisions such as keto, vegan, or intermittent fasting. You should contact the food service staff if you have menu questions.

Should my cadet bring all their medication with them?

  • Encampment is not the time to take a medication vacation, cadets are going to be kept physically and academically busy. It is very important that cadets bringing medication have the ability and desire to take their medication by themselves. All prescription or over-the-counter medication brought to the encampment must be in its original container. Most medications will be turned in to the Health Service Officer and kept in the medical room to ensure it does not get ingested by other cadets. The Health Service Officer will have administration times when cadets are given access to their medication and any additional supplies, such as water or food, needed to take their medications and these times will correspond to the medication’s instructions. The Health Service Officer does not have the ability to force cadets to take their medication but will notify parents.

I need to travel to encampment by commercial transportation. What arrangements do I need to make?

  • Arrangements to arrive at encampment utilizing commercial transportation will require coordination with MSWG encampment staff. Please, message encampment@mswg.cap.gov prior to purchasing any tickets. 

  • Participants should plan to arrive at:

    • Hattiesburg-Laurel Airport (PIB) is coming by air.

    • Hattiesburg Station is traveling by train.

    • Currently (Dec 2022) there is no bus stops in the Hattiesburg area.

What’s involved in the check-in process? 

  • Do not drop off cadets at encampment to check-in by themselves. Although you will not be able to accompany your cadet through the entire in-processing, last-minute application paperwork issues (or haircuts) may require adult assistance. The encampment staff is conducting in-processing for up to 200 people in a few hours. It must move quickly and efficiently. We do not have time to chase down authorized adults to get paperwork corrected. This activity has the potential of being completely booked.

  • Encampment senior staff members will inspect each cadet’s luggage as part of in-processing. Encampment staff will confiscate prohibited items. If a cadet arrives with weapons or illicit substances they will be immediately dismissed and need to be picked up by an authorized adult. Cadets who drive themselves or are traveling to encampment without their parent/legal guardian(s) will be required to turn in their vehicle keys and/or cell phone upon check-in, they will be locked up by encampment staff, and returned upon out processing. If cadets are found with prohibited items after their luggage has been inspected adult/legal guardian(s) will be contacted to determine consequences and actions.

  • Haircuts and hairstyles will be inspected during check-in. Haircuts and hairstyles must meet CAP grooming standards throughout the duration of encampment. Staff will not allow cadets to in-process if hair does not meet CAP grooming standards. If in doubt, cut it shorter.

  • All participants report to Camp Shelby for in-processing. (Map of drop off location will be posted closer to encampment start.)

  • In-processing for encampment students is at 1200 on 18 June 2023. Please feed them lunch before they get to in-processing. The first meal is not scheduled until the evening meal. If they show up earlier, they will stand in line until in-processing begins at 1200, or put to work until in-processing begins. Unless otherwise arranged Senior Member and Cadet Staff will start in-process 1600 on 16 June 2023.

Can I come to visit my cadet during Encampment?

  • No. The encampment schedule is extremely time sensitive. Any visits will disrupt the schedule. No one may visit the encampment without the specific permission of the Encampment Commander and any permission will only be extended to those with official business.

How do I contact my Cadet in case of an emergency?

  • For legitimate emergencies, you can contact the Encampment by email at encampment@mswg.cap.gov or by phone (number to be updated closer to encampment). 

Is there a graduation ceremony or graduation parade?

  • Yes, there is a graduation ceremony it will be Saturday night and just for encampment participants. However, it will be live streamed and your cadet(s) will want you to watch.

  • Yes, there is a graduation parade it is scheduled to occur Sunday, 25 June, morning (exact time to be posted). Please, make every possible effort to attend the End of Encampment Graduation Parade, bring any interested family, and ensure your camera/phone is fully charged. Encampment is a very rewarding experience but will most likely be the most intense week your child has ever experienced. Most cadets are ready to go home at the end of encampment; they are happy that it is over. However, after some sleep and a long shower most will admit that they would not trade the experience for anything. They are proud of what they accomplish. This sense of pride develops as the week progresses and as they begin to look forward to participation in the graduation parade. Parents will see this display of pride when attending graduation.

  • Cadet students will be checked out to a designated adult immediately following the parade. 

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