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About Encampment


The purpose of the cadet encampment program is for cadets to develop leadership skills, investigate the aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise, and solidify their moral character. 


The vision for the cadet encampment is “an immersion into the full challenges and opportunities of cadet life.”


Encampment presents the five key traits of cadet life – the uniform, aerospace themes, opportunities to lead, challenge, and fun – in an intensive environment that move cadets beyond their normal comfort zones for personal growth. Overall, encampments should be fun, in part because they challenge cadets and enable them to earn a sense of accomplishment.

Goal Areas

Encampments aim to serve multiple constituencies.  There are more people who have a stake in the program than simply the first-year cadet-students.  In fulfilling its purposes and realizing its vision, the encampment pursues goals in five different areas simultaneoulsy.

The overall encampment program sets goals for each cadet-student as an individuals, builds teamwork, grows leaders, and finally, the encampment is the centerpiece of the wing-level Cadet Program, providing the wing with an opportunity to boost the capabilities of its hometown cadet and composite squadrons and to standardize cadet training within the wing, so the encampment program pursues goals for the wing’s overall Cadet Program.

For a tour of some of our Mississippi Wing Encampments enjoy this video.

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