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Cadet Retreat Information



The MSWG Cadet Retreat is just around the corner, and we can't wait to see you there!

The Retreat is an amazing opportunity to participate in a range of fun activities and develop valuable leadership skills. Hosted by your very own Cadet Advisory Council. The CAC Leaders and Representatives have been working hard to bring you an event like no other!

In addition to the practical skills, the retreat will provide an opportunity for participants to network with other individuals who share a passion for Leadership, Aerospace, and Emergency services. They will learn from experienced professionals in the field, who will share their knowledge and expertise.


  • There will be a Leadership lesson taught and developed by Capt. Sara Fishbein. Capt. Fishbein is an experienced leader, currently serving in the United States Air Force as a pilot. Her extensive knowledge and practical experience have been distilled into a comprehensive leadership activity that is designed to help individuals become effective and successful leaders. 


  • We have an exciting Aerospace activity coming up! Building balsa wood gliders is a fun and educational way to learn about aerodynamics and flight. Lt. Kristy Stanley is a pilot and the MSWG AEO (aerospace officer), she is passionate about designing and building just about anything.  Her love for CAP is also inspiring, and it's wonderful to have such dedicated individuals involved in the program. This project will be a fabulous addition to the retreat.

    • Competition is the name of this game! It will be interesting to see what kinds of designs and modifications the participants come up with to make their gliders fly farther or faster.


  • Lt. Doug Wigington has designed an Emergency Services activity that promises to be both enjoyable and educational. Lt. Wigington has been a firefighter for 31 years and an EMT for 27 years. He has been the Fire chief at Center Fire department for 8 years and has spent 17 years on Union Co. SAR team. Participants will learn practical knowledge that could potentially help others in need. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to be prepared to handle emergency situations learn from the best!


  • Are you ready to celebrate your achievements this year in CAP? The cadet social will be held on Saturday evening from 1700-2100 and will be a perfect opportunity to relax with your fellow CAP members. This social is a culmination of all the hard work you've put in this year, so you deserve to let loose and have some fun!

  • This is a chance to celebrate all the amazing things that you have accomplished this year in CAP. We've got a DJ lined up to play all your favorite tunes, so let's hang out together, enjoy some snacks, and have a great time!


  • On Sunday, a special ceremony will be held to mark the beginning of the new cadet advisory council term. During the ceremony, outgoing council members will pass on their responsibilities and knowledge to the newly elected members.

  • This is an important moment for the cadet program, as it allows for fresh perspectives and ideas to be introduced into the council. The new members will have the opportunity to build upon the successes of their predecessors, while also identifying areas for improvement. The ceremony will be a celebration of leadership and service, and will serve as a reminder of the importance of dedication and commitment to the cadet program.

The Cadet retreat is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, learn, and have a great time. I am looking forward to joining our Cadet Advisory Council and all the participants for an unforgettable experience.


~SM Nicholle Bays~

Cadet Advisory Council - Senior Advisor

MSWG Cadet Retreat Activity Director


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