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MSWG Cadet Competition and Dance

You're invited to the MSWG Cadet Competition and Dance! These two events are independent activities taking place back to back at the Commemorative AF Hangar in Madison, MS. Both events are going to be a lot of fun, and a great way for cadets to connect across the wing.

Come join us for these exciting social events, serving as a great way to kick off 2024 for the Mississippi Wing!


Cadet Competition Information:

The Cadet Competition is both a way for teams to compete in color guard, drill, and inspections, as well as a chance for cadets across the wing to learn color guard and drill movements.

For a cadet to compete, they must be a part of a six cadet team registered by their senior member sponsor. All other cadets will attend the “academy” portion of the event, and will not compete.

Date: Saturday, January 27th

Time: Registration is from 0930-1000. The event will conclude at 1800.

Location: Commemorative AF Hangar: 7450 Old Canton Rd Madison, MS 39110

UOD: Competitors in Class B blues, other cadets in either Class A or B

Required Forms: CAPF 60-81, which can be found here: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/F_060_081_Application_for_E ncampmen_158312DE11C37.pdf

Lunch: Squadrons are asked to provide lunch for their cadets.

Fees: There is a $40 team registration fee for the competition, and a $5 fee for each cadet participating in the academy aspect of the activity.

For squadrons requesting to stay overnight, ensure each of your cadets bring a sleeping bag and change of clothes.

Cadet Competition Registration:

Every cadet attending the competition must utilize this Google Form to register: https://forms.gle/XL9y1SyVP3XBjSca6

Senior member sponsors can register their teams with that form as well. 

Both the $40 and $5 fees can be paid in cash, during the event's registration.

Cadet Dance Information and Registration:

The flyer below details the necessary information for the Cadet Winter Dance! Ensure all cadets follow the dress code in a tasteful manner.

A single CAPF 60-81 can be used for either one or both activities.

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