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MSLA Senior Member Applicants

Senior Member Applicants

Application & Required Forms 

Apply now! 

Instructions for applying to be a Senior Member Staffer at the 2024 Mississippi Leadership Academy are listed below. There is not a fee required for SMs to staff MSLA. 

Questions can be addressed to cadetactivities@mswg.cap.gov


Step 1 Registration Form: The registration form is the first step in securing a position at MSLA. Those serving on staff must complete the Google Application for MSLA. All applicants should get an e-mailed copy of their form upon submission. Please keep a copy for your records.

Step 2 Required Forms: Email the completed groups of forms below to cadetactivities@mswg.cap.gov 

- Application for Special Activity 

(CAPF 60-81, 2 pages)


- CAP Member Health History Form (CAPF 160, 2 pages)
- Emergency Information (CAPF 161, 1 page)
- If filling out digitally you may leave non-applicable pages blank.

Step 3 Payment made to Eventbrite: (Senior Member staff are free and can skip this step)

Evenbrite Payment

- The cost is $25 for Senior Members wishing to obtain TLC Basic & Intermediate credit.

- You will receive an email confirmation that payment has been made and the registration process is complete. Keep a copy for your records. 

Please send the files to cadetactivities@mswg.cap.gov

Questions on how to complete these forms can be addressed to cadetactivities@mswg.cap.gov 

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