(SER-MS-001) Mississippi Wing
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MSLA Participation Requirements

Who should attend Mississippi Wing Leadership Academy (MSLA)?

● Any cadet who is a current member of CAP and who has been promoted to Cadet Senior Airman C/SrA, Achievement 3 and above.  

● Any cadet who would like to improve their leadership capabilities.

● Any cadet who would like to go to encampment as Cadre.

● Any senior member who is a current member of CAP and takes pride in developing cadets into incredible adults.

Requirements to attend

Requirements for all attendees

● Active Member in Good Standing

●Required forms: CAPF 60-81, 160, 161

●Payment through Eventbrite (you must receive confirmation from eventbrite to ensure you are registered)

● Cadet Protection Basic Course (for cadets over 18 at the time of Activity)

Requirement for all Cadets

● Completed Achievement 3 Cadet Senior Airman C/SrA rank prior to the MSLA’s start date

● Required forms: CAPF 163 and copy of Insurance Card

● All required packing list items

Requirements for all Senior Member Staff

● Basic Risk Management Course

● Cadet Protection Basic and Advanced Course

● Level 1 of Professional Development

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