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MSLA Packing List & FAQ

Packing Lists 

Follow the packing list precisely. Do not bring more and do not bring less. We have minimized the list as much as possible and listed items that can be used for almost all CAP overnight activities. All items on the list are required unless specifically indicated as optional. 

Cadet MSLA Packing List

Senior Member MSLA Packing List

Cadets, if your parents/responsible adult purchases your clothing and supplies, please provide them with a copy of the packing list as soon as possible. 

Check, double-check, and have someone else check all items before departing. Each year, some cadets arrive without all the required items. You might want to consider taking the time to completely dress in each uniform (PT/Blues/ABUs) as you pack them this helps you not forget small items. The most often forgotten items are belts, ABU covers, blues flight caps, insignia, and shower shoes. No spare uniform items are available at activities. 

● If you are currently missing items your home squadron should be able to clarify any information, can make recommendations, and may be able to assist in obtaining items. Some uniform items may require ordering so allow adequate time. All clothing and equipment should be marked indelibly with the cadet's name using a permanent marker or written on waterproof tape. Especially Blues shirts, pants/skirts, belts, and covers, and also ABU pants and covers. 

● If you have any uniform item questions get them resolved before the activity by looking at CAPs Uniform Regulation 39-1 (CAPR 39-1) or asking your home squadron.

● Cadets who sometimes wear medical braces should bring those braces with them. Activities at camp are going to be physically demanding and many cadets end up wishing they had their knee or ankle brace with them. It can be difficult to find some medical braces and we are sure you do not want to buy another expensive medical brace if your cadet has one at home. 

● Pack smart you will be expected to transport your own luggage during and after In-Processing; pack accordingly. Make it easy to carry/move all your stuff by yourself.


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