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CAP Encampment Resources

Suggested Reading and Resources for Cadet Students

New Cadet Guide - CAPP 60-20
        A paper copy was mailed to the cadet after applying to CAP.

Cadet Encampment Handbook - CAPP 60-71
        Each cadet student will receive a copy at the beginning of encampment.
        During encampment cadet students will be quizzed on information found in the handbook.

GoCivilAirPatrol.com Encampment Page

Required Reading for All Cadet and Senior Member Staff

Cadet Encampment Guide - CAPP 60-70

Required Staff Training • Student Guide

Required Reading for All Cadet Staff

Cadet Staff Handbook - CAPP 60-31

Required Reading for All Cadet Executive and Line Staff

CAP Drill and Ceremonies - CAPP 60-33 

Additional Resources

CAP Uniform Manual - CAPR 39-1

Everything you need to know about Encampment

Cadet Cadre: Tips for Success

Cadet Cadre: Flight Staff Responsibilities & Tips for Success (2018)

Cadet Executive Staff- Setting the Tone

Training Officers: Supporting Cadet Success
        Training Officer Slides

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