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Cadet Phase 2 Cadre

Phase 2 Cadre Duty Position Descriptions & Attributes

MSWG has selected certain traits and abilities desired of candidates seeking the position of Squadron Commander, Advanced Training Squadron Commander, Support XO, Logistics OIC, Mess Operations OIC, Emergency/Safety OIC, Health Services OIC, Admin OIC, PAO OIC, General Support OIC, Command Chief, Advanced Training Squadron First Sergeant for the 2024 Mississippi Wing Summer Encampment. Candidates must be willing to meet or exceed all expectations and responsibilities of said positions.

Be advised that this is NOT a CAP official regulation or form. This summary is currently being used to select cadet Line and Support staff for the 2024 Mississippi Wing Summer Encampment. All material and information used will be listed at the bottom of the summary.

Operation Positions

Squadron Commander (CTG/CC) [C/1st Lt - C/Col]

1. Personality Type: Demonstrates strong leadership qualities and effective communication skills, fostering a positive and collaborative environment within the squadron.
2. Responsible for overseeing the squadron and ensuring efficient operation during the summer encampment.
3. Assumes control of training programs, focusing on the development and improvement of squadron members.
4. Acts as a key liaison between higher-ranking officers and squadron personnel to facilitate effective communication.

Command Chief (CTG/CCF) [C/CMSgt]

1. Personality Type: Exemplifies a commitment to excellence and mentorship, ensuring drill precision and contributing to the personal growth of NCOs.
2. Proficient in drill techniques, ensuring the squadron maintains a high standard of precision and discipline.
3. Possesses strong mentoring skills to guide and support squadron members in their personal and professional growth.
4. Upholds and promotes the core values of the Civil Air Patrol, inspiring others to embrace a commitment to excellence.
5. Mentors flight sergeants and first sergeants

Support Positions

Support Executive Officer :(CSS/XO) [C/Capt - C/Col]

1. Unites all OICs to ensure the same level of efficiency across all sections of Support.
2. Ensures OICs are properly motivating and involving their subordinates in encampment's activities. 
3. Helps with coordination between all support sections.
4. Acts as second-in-command to the Cadet Deputy of Support.

Logistics OIC: (CSS/LGO) [C/2d Lt – C/Col]

1. Personality Type: Highly organized, strategic thinker, and problem solver.
2. Manage logistical support, including transportation, lodging, and supplies.
3. Ensure safety and security of facilities while overseeing resource distribution.
4. Expertly handle waste management and cleanup operations.

Mess Operations OIC: (CSS/MOO) [C/2d Lt - C/Col]

1. Personality Type: Team player, adaptable, and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. A positive attitude and the ability to handle pressure are essential for this role.
2. Supervise meal planning and accommodating of dietary restrictions.
3. Monitor food safety and sanitation standards diligently.
4. Address meal-related issues promptly and effectively.

Emergency Services/Safety Officer in Charge: (CSS/ESO) [C/2d Lt - C/Col]

1. Create and prepare ES classes, as well as carry out Field Training Exercise tasks.
2. Prepares and presents ORMS, CAPF 160’s, and daily safety briefing
3. Helps with GES training of the ATS.

Public Affairs Officer in Charge. (CSS/PAO) [C/2d Lt – C/Col]

1. Responsible for managing media releases during the encampment to ensure that participants and the public are well-informed about encampment activities.
2. Create and maintain a digital presence, including social media updates and website management.
3. Coordinate with photographers, videographers, and writers to document the encampment's highlights.
4. Ensure publication of encampment weekbook.

Health Services Officer in Charge: (CSS/HSO) [C/2d Lt – C/Col]

1. Oversee health and medical services for encampment participants.
2. Ensure access to medical care and first aid.
3. Maintain health records and medical forms for participants.
4. Train staff in health and safety protocols. 
5. Implement emergency response plans and coordinate with local medical resources.

Administration OIC: (CTG/AMO) [C/Capt - C/Col]

1. Personality Type: Detail-oriented, organized, and responsible. The ideal candidate is someone who can manage administrative tasks efficiently and is committed to upholding standards and evaluations.
2. Oversee administrative functions to ensure smooth operations during the encampment.
3. Implement and maintain standards and evaluation processes to uphold high-quality performance.
4. Collaborate with other staff members to ensure compliance with established guidelines.
5. Manage documentation and record-keeping for evaluation purposes. 6. Provide administrative support to various encampment activities and person.

Advanced Training Squadron Positions

Advanced Training Squadron Commander [C/2d Lt - C/Capt]

1. Personality type. Authoritative and exemplary; leads by setting high standards, demonstrating discipline, and practicing servant leadership.
2. Previous experience as first sergeant, flight commander, or squadron commander.
3. Exemplary core values, discipline, communication skills, and motivation are essential.
4. Strong understanding of planning, redesigning plans, and practicing servant leadership.
5. Ability to lead in changing situations, delegate tasks effectively, and remain composed in challenging situations.

Advanced Training Squadron First Sergeant [C/MSgt - C/CMSgt]

1. Personality type. Influential and hands-on; focuses on instructing and leading drill while maintaining effective mentorship for ATS students.
2. Experience in Flight Sergeant or First Sergeant roles is required.
3. Must possess exemplary core values, discipline, communication skills, and motivation.
4. Effective leadership in directing and following plans, with outstanding customs and courtesy, drill, and ceremony skills.
5. Ability to maintain composure in challenging situations, control and apply intensity, and effectively delegate tasks.

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