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Airplane Ground School

MISSISSIPPI WING Airplane Ground School: 

Prepares a member to pass the FAA written exam for Private Pilot

Session 1: August 3 through September 17, 2022

  • No Cost to the Member:
    • Thanks to our Members who are giving their time!
  • Open to Cadets (must be 16+) who want to work on their Private Pilot License
    • Cadets Must have an Orientation Ride to get the materials FREE, thanks to Experimental Aircraft Association EAA and Sporty's Pilot Center
  • Open to Senior Members who want to work on their Private Pilot License
    • Seniors must pay for the coursework from Sporty's 
  • Some minor equipment may be required at the participant's expense.
If you are 16 +, and want to sign up for current or future sessions, apply here:
           Private Pilot Ground School

For more information, Contact: 
Andrea MacDonald <andrea.macdonald@mswg.cap.gov> 
Jessica Dixon <jessica.dixon@mswg.cap.gov>
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