What We Do

Like all units of the the Civil Air Patrol, the Mississippi Wing serves three primary functions -- emergency services, cadet programs and aerospace education.

Emergency Services: Whenever an aircraft is reported or a disaster strikes our state the Mississippi Wing is called into action. With orders that come directly from the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) in Langely, VA, Members and cadets alike put long hours of training and sacrifice use as they mobilize to find people in distress. With aircraft in the sky and groundteams on ground, the squadron uses everything from sophisticated radio and navigation equipment to the naked eye to plain common sense to complete its mission. Often the emergency is a distress beacon in an aircraft accidentally activated in a rough landing. But sometimes the emergency is more dire -- a missing person, a missing aircraft, or both. Squadron flight crews and ground teams also operate during statewide natural or manmade disasters such as floods or earthquakes. Or squadron  has several highly trained and highly professional crews ready to serve in whatever capacity necessary to ensure the safety of others.

The Cadet Program: The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program is one of the best youth programs in the United States, if not the world, today. Built on over 50 years of experience in turning young people into leaders, the Cadet Program uses military drill, aerospace education, and the Emergency Services program to teach leadership and management skills to teenagers. Cadets can join as early as age 11. Through various activities and exercises they progress through a series of 15 Achievements, each more rigorous than the last. The United States military services recognizes the value of CAP Cadet Training -- Cadets who achieve the grade of Cadet 2nd Lieutenant are giving automatic promotions to the grade of E-3 when enlisting in the Army or Air Force.

Aerospace Education: Surely no single advance has changed our world more, or promises to make greater changes, than the advent of flight. The Civil Air Patrol is dedicated to the increased education of the general public regarding this vital aspect of America's current wealth and future stability. The Mississippi Wing not only trains young people through the Cadet Program, but is reaches out to all citizens of any age to make the world of aerospace more accessible through demonstrations, classes, and publications.