Mississippi Wing

Command Staff Roster

Wing Commander Col David (Hank) Rogers
(877) 868-6795
Vice Commander Lt Col James Wiley
(877) 868-6827
Chief of Staff Lt Col Edith Street
(866) 228-5526
Deputy Chief of Staff Lt Col Al Sayre
(800) 791-3572
Deputy Chief of Staff Maj Jay Staats
(877) 868-6810
Deputy Chief of Staff Maj Al Shiyou
(866) 273-9378
Inspector General 1Lt Danny Green
(901) 494-8774
Director of Safety Lt Col Kat Wiley
(877) 868-6827
Finance Officer Col Tillman (Tim) Carroll (866) 900-5468
Government Affairs Col Rebecca Tilton
(866) 228-5527
Legal Officer Col Tillman (Tim) Carroll (866) 900-5468

Wing Administrator Mrs. Kim Eichelberger
(866) 228-5467

Director of Operations Lt Col Gary Hornosky

Standards/Evaluations Officer Maj Jerry Eichelberger
(866) 298-8998
Aircraft Maintenance Officer Lt Col Wes Bennett (866) 228-5534
Flight Operations Officer May Trey Breckenridge (662) 312-0091
Cadet O-Flight Officer (Powered) Capt Eric Nelson
(901) 485-0135
Cadet O-Flight Officer (Glider) 1Lt Boyd Robinson
Chief Glider Pilot 1Lt Boyd Robinson
MPPF Officer
Counterdrug Officer Maj Dayle Robinson (228) 990-6913
Director of Emergency Service
Maj Randy Broussard

Disaster Relief Officer
Search & Rescue Officer Maj Gary Turner
Emergency Services Training Officer Lt Col Stephen Warner
Homeland Security Officer
Director of Communications 1Lt Ken Bartosek
(601) 214-0456
Communications Licensing Officer Lt Col Kathleen Wiley
(417) 840-2514
Communications Training Officer Maj Ben Nash
(601) 927-9198
Communications Engineering Officer Maj Robert Groves

Director of Aerospace Education
Director of Cadet Programs

Director of Recruiting and Retention
Maj Charles Wells
(601) 940-9656
Public Affairs Officer Capt Jon Maynard
(662) 617-2944
Health Services Officer Lt Col John Hey (662) 453-9504
Wing Historian Maj Shaun Kelly

Administration Officer

Professional Development Officer
Lt Col Felix Diaz

Logistics Officer Capt Kristy Williams
Supply Officer

Transportation Officer
Maj Rodney Fernandez
Maintenance Officer

Wing Chaplain Lt Col David Smelser
(866) 552-2523
Personnel Officer

Director of Information Technology Maj Trey Breckenridge (662) 312-0091
Maj Brad Haynes

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