ES Training

General Emergency Services Training Requirements

Due the risk factors and specialized skills needed to perform CAP's emergency services mission, all ES personnel are required to complete a basic course of study before moving on to specialized mission skills.

Operational Security - This course teaches members how to protect sensitive but unclassified information about missions, operations, and capabilities. Generally this is completed as part of the Level One - Foundations course.

General Emergency Services (CAPT 116) - This core training on the structure and regulations of CAPs emergency services mission is a member's "license to learn". It a prerequisite for a members 101 Card and must be completed to begin specialty qualification.

Operational Risk Management (ORM) - Safety is a critical component in all CAP operations. All members need to know how to recognize the inherent risks of what we do and learn how to mitigate them.

FEMA ICS Courses - All ES organizations standardized on the Incident Command System to manage ES Operations. All personnel must take the ICS-100, ICS-200, and ICS-700 in order to participate on an a emergency services mission.

ES Continuing Education (Part 1-3) - The three parts of CAPT 117 - ES Continuing Education provide working knowledge of the specific to the three main roles a person fill - mission air crew member, ground team member, or incident command staff.

Mission Specialty Training and Qualifications

As an aviation centric organization, mission aircrew training is at the core of the various air operations CAP supports:
Aircrew and Flightline Task Guide

Mission Aircrew & Flightline Curriculum

Ground operations are a critical function to CAP's mission operations.  Without ground teams, there can be no rescue or relief to people in need.
Ground & Urban DF Team Task Guide

Ground and Urban Direction Finding Team Curriculum

Ground teams and aircrews in the field need qualified personnel to plan and direct the operations. These skilled people make up the incident command staff.
Mission Base Staff Task Guide
Mission Base Staff and Incident Command System Curriculum


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