Short Field Landing Policy

The MSWG Command Staff has issued the following policy in response to instances of possible excessiveimproper braking whilst demonstrating a short field landing during a Form 5 flight. On both occasions the tire(s) received damage to the extent that they had to be replaced. In order to mitigate this potentially hazardous situation all pilots and especially check pilots shall adhere to the following guidelines during this maneuver:

  1. Pilots will ensure they are not accidentally “riding high” on the rudder pedals which may be inadvertently applying the brakes
  2. Upon touchdown maximum braking action will be simulated only – by saying “brake, brake, brake”
  3. Check Pilots will ensure that the procedures stated above are briefed in advance of a Form 5 flight during the preflight briefing

Any pilot who uses excessive/improper braking action which damages the tires [e.g. produces a “flat spot” or causes a tire(s) to fail] will be required to submit an online Form 78 Mishap Report.

If the investigation concludes that pilot error caused the tire damage, that pilot can expect to be assessed for the replacement tire(s).

The attached memo detailing the policy is available for download below.