Second Annual Cadet Conference Resounding Success

Second Annual Mississippi Wing Cadet Conference a Resounding Success

C/2d Lt Noa Bender, Desoto Composite Squadron, Mississippi Wing

On the weekend of January 17-19th, over 40 Mississippi Wing cadets from eleven squadrons, met for Mississippi Wing’s second annual Cadet Conference. This group also included cadets from both the Tennessee and Georgia Wings, Cadets attended a range of classes that included flight line marshaling, communications, and urban direction finding.  For many cadets these classes were required training towards their flight line marshalling and mission radio operator ratings.

Cadet Technical Sgt. Zachary-Scott Neal, competing in a paper airplane contest following a class on Basic Aerodynamics

The weekend started on Saturday morning with a series of cadet run classes.  These classes covered various aspects of the Civil Air Patrol such as, CAP myth busters, aviation and CAP history, robotics and forming a squadron color guard.  The highlight for most cadets came on Sunday morning with orientation flights in the Mississippi Wing and Southeast Region airplanes.  Seven CAP airplanes and multiple pilots came from around the wing and region to ensure that all the cadets had an opportunity to take an orientation flight. Sunday concluded with a dining in and military ball.

On Monday, the final day featured additional classes and team leadership projects lead by Wing Deputy Chief of Staff Col Tilton. The final event was a question and answer session with the Wing Commander, Col Mal Woodcock. Col Woodcock.  Overall the cadets were extremely satisfied with the weekend. Cadet Captain Christian Shiyou summed up the general sentiment saying, “it was great to see old friends and make new ones in addition to having a wonderful time socially and through training.

Cadet 2nd Lt. Noa Bender talking about National Blue Beret in an NCSA class

Cadet Airman First Class Katelin Smith, Cadet Master Sgt. Mackenzie Davis, and Cadet Airman Basic Steven Gort about to go on their O-rides

Group photo following the ball

From left to right, Cadet Airman Chance Throgmorton, Cadet Airman Brendan Jessen, Cadet Airman Willie Hunt III, Cadet Master Sgt. Ciera Presley and Cadet 2nd Lt. Walker Frizzle, work on a Team Leadership Project.