MSWG Needs A New Director of Communications

  Lt Col Robert (Bob) Kilroy will retire from the Civil Air Patrol at the end of this month. Mockingbird four's distinguished career has spanned over 50 years in the Civil Air Patrol and even longer when one takes into consideration his service to his country. Prior to and during his tenure with the CAP, Bob was also also an early leader in communications with the United States Air Force (joined in 1953) and after his USAF retirement with the Naval Oceanagraphic Office at Stennis Space Center.

  Bob joined the CAP in 1966, shortly after the invention of wireless communications (just kidding of course). And despite the rumors that have circulated for years, Bob did not know Guglielmo Marconi (the Italian inventor credited with the invention of the radio). Marconi died in 1937, not long after Lt Col Kilroy was born. Hmmmmm?

  In all seriousness, very few individuals involved in wireless communications have accomplished as much as Lt Col Kilroy. He holds at least thirteen Radio Operator Ratings, both civilian and military. He has received four Meritorius Service Awards, the Exceptional Service Award, six Commander's Commendations, the Grover Loening, Paul E. Garber and Gill Robb Wilson Awards, two  CAP Disaster Relief Ribbons with Silver Star and many additional awards too numerous to mention. Suffice it to say Bob has dedicated allmost his entire life to the science of wireless communications, his Nation and the Civil Air Patrol.

  Given all that Bob has accomplished, his greatest contribution to the Civil Air Patrol is the hundreds if not thousands of individuals that he has taught to communicate. One of the truly humble people I have known in my life he is respected by all that know him. I have had the real honor of knowing him as a friend and I can never fully express how greatful that I am for all that he has taught me. Bob convinced me a long time ago that if the Civil Air Patrol cannot communicate effectively, we can never be successful in our missions.

  Bob is sadly closing station as Mockingbird 4 (or any mockingbird station for that matter) but he is not going away. He will be with us each Sunday at the OPS Breakfast at the Palace Casino in Biloxi. Despite his retirment I can almost bet that he will still give advice if asked. I also know that he would love to see all of you there...and he will buy the first cup.

  Mockingbird One...standing by.