MSWG Gets A New Director of Communications

   I am very proud to announce that Major Gary Turner has graciously accepted to serve in the position of Director of Communications for the Mississippi Wing.

  As many of you already know, Gary is a MSWG Senior Member of many talents. Not only does he search the skies and the woods for missing anythings, he has been a Squadron Commander, MSWG Inspector General and from all that I hear he is a fairly talented fisherman...particularly with a fly-rod.

  A long time HAM (home amateur radio operator) Gary is no novice when it comes to communicaitons. He has already made several changes within the MSWG and I for one am looking forward to many exciting things to come. So pick up that microphone and give Mockingbird Four a call. Chances are he will answer in less time that it takes to spell Marconi.

  Mockingbird One...standing by.


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