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Mockingbird 4 Closes Station

  Last evening friends and family of Lt Col Robert E. 'Bob' Kilroy gathered at the Biloxi Yacht Club to honor Lt Col Kilroy on the last day of his service to the Civil Air Patrol. For over fifty-two years Mockingbird 4 has been serving the Mississippi Wing, the National Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force and his nation as a Communicator par exelon.

  Lt Colonel Kilroy and his guests were greeted by the Commodore of the Biloxi Yacht Club Mrs. Liz Joachim. She thanked Bob and all those attending for their service to our country and she invited everyone to return as her guest. She spoke of her own son's knowledge of CAP (a retired USAF Lt Col) and the great things that we do in search and rescue.

  Lt Colonel Kilroy was presented with a plaque on behalf of the MSWG that reads as follows...

Kilroy Plaque.jpg  "This testimonial is presented to Lieutenant Colonel Robert E. 'Bob' Kilroy on the   date of his retirement. Please accept it with our sincerest appreciation for your fifty-two years of dedicated service to the Mississippi Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force and the National Civil Air Patrol. May all of your traffic be static free, propagation favorable, transmissions beyond the line of sight and always Lima Charlie"

  Colonel David A. 'Hank' Rogers also read a proclamation...

  "To All Whom These Shall Come Greetings: Be it resolved that the Command Staff, Senior officers, Cadets and membership of the MSWG Civil Air Patrol SER-MS-001, do hereby proclaim, recognize and establish that the 31st of January shall forever be known as Lieutenant Colonel Robert E. 'Bob' Kilroy day. It is further resolved that the Mississippi Wing Communicator of the Year shall be known as the Lieutenant Colonel Robert E. ‘Bob' Kilroy Communicator of the Year Award. Witness my hand this 31 January anno domini 2018.  Col David A. 'Hank' Rogers, CAP, Commander Mississippi Wing.

   Friends and CAP members alike shared their memories and stories of Bob's life achievements and more lighter moments. All lauded his achievements as a Master Communicator in the Civil Air Patrol and the United States Air Force. Everyone had a story to share and a lesson learned as a result of their friendship with our man of the hour.

  Colonel John Wilkes, past Mississippi Wing Commander spoke highly of how Bob's "Comm packages" were used in the aftermath of Hurricane Charlie, providing the only CAP communications available to the Florida Wing and other agencies, as they worked from their FOB at Punta Gorda, FL.

   As a Communicator Lt Colonel Kilroy was always busy passing traffic, sharing Operational information with Air and Ground assets, teaching young and old alike as he went about his job...seldom pausing to take a breath. But in keeping with his humble demeanor, Bob was a bit short on words last evening. 

  So to Mockingbird 4 we all wish him the best and I for one will miss his voice on the radio. Mockingbird 4 has closed station for the last time.


MSWG Needs A New Director of Communications

  Lt Col Robert (Bob) Kilroy will retire from the Civil Air Patrol at the end of this month. Mockingbird four's distinguished career has spanned over 50 years in the Civil Air Patrol and even longer when one takes into consideration his service to his country. Prior to and during his tenure with the CAP, Bob was also also an early leader in communications with the United States Air Force (joined in 1953) and after his USAF retirement with the Naval Oceanagraphic Office at Stennis Space Center.

  Bob joined the CAP in 1966, shortly after the invention of wireless communications (just kidding of course). And despite the rumors that have circulated for years, Bob did not know Guglielmo Marconi (the Italian inventor credited with the invention of the radio). Marconi died in 1937, not long after Lt Col Kilroy was born. Hmmmmm?

  In all seriousness, very few individuals involved in wireless communications have accomplished as much as Lt Col Kilroy. He holds at least thirteen Radio Operator Ratings, both civilian and military. He has received four Meritorius Service Awards, the Exceptional Service Award, six Commander's Commendations, the Grover Loening, Paul E. Garber and Gill Robb Wilson Awards, two  CAP Disaster Relief Ribbons with Silver Star and many additional awards too numerous to mention. Suffice it to say Bob has dedicated allmost his entire life to the science of wireless communications, his Nation and the Civil Air Patrol.

  Given all that Bob has accomplished, his greatest contribution to the Civil Air Patrol is the hundreds if not thousands of individuals that he has taught to communicate. One of the truly humble people I have known in my life he is respected by all that know him. I have had the real honor of knowing him as a friend and I can never fully express how greatful that I am for all that he has taught me. Bob convinced me a long time ago that if the Civil Air Patrol cannot communicate effectively, we can never be successful in our missions.

  Bob is sadly closing station as Mockingbird 4 (or any mockingbird station for that matter) but he is not going away. He will be with us each Sunday at the OPS Breakfast at the Palace Casino in Biloxi. Despite his retirment I can almost bet that he will still give advice if asked. I also know that he would love to see all of you there...and he will buy the first cup.

  Mockingbird One...standing by.


Message from the Commander

Col David A. 'Hank' RogersAs I begin my tenure as the Commander of the Mississippi Wing, I become more and more aware of that which I already knew…I have the honor of leading a really noble group of individuals.

As Southeast Region Commander Col Barry Melton said several months ago and reprised just recently at the Southeast Region Conference; “The Mississippi Wing performs like a Wing much larger than its member numbers.” He is right of course; we do more with fewer people than almost any other Wing in the Nation.

The Mississippi Wing and the Civil Air Patrol extends to every Mississippian the opportunity to serve your Community. If your interests are in general aviation, Aerospace Education, youth related activities such as those found within our Cadet Programs and many others; there is something here for you in the CAP.

We have Squadrons situated all throughout the State; from Olive Branch to Biloxi, Vicksburg to Meridian.  These include Columbus, Tupelo, Moss Point, Diamondhead, Oxford, Jackson, Madison, Brandon, Cleveland and Wiggins, MS. We come from all parts of the State, with only one thought in mind, serving our fellow Mississippians.

Mississippi is home to one of the original Squadrons that were started a few days after the beginning of World War II, the Singing River Squadron in Moss Point. Back then it was known as Submarine Patrol Base Number 9. We have a proud history and we continue to serve our local community and our nation to this day.

If you have an interest in youth activities, aviation, technology, aerospace studies, communications and others, we have a place for you in the Mississippi Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. You will find the location, place and time for a Squadron meeting near you on this website. Come join us, you won’t be disappointed.

Col David A. ‘Hank’ Rogers
Mississippi Wing Commander


MSWG Aircrew Leads Coast Guard to Stranded Boaters

Volunteers from Civil Air Patrol's Mississippi Wing spotted and helped rescue four boaters whose vessel was stranded without power Saturday in the Mississippi.

Lt. Col. David Rogers, the wing's vice commander, said Monday an aerial "sundown patrol" over the waters along the Harrison and Jackson county lines spotted the vessel about 6:15 p.m. with its passengers waving frantically.

The two-member CAP aircrew, Maj. Ronald Turner and 1st Lt. Carroll Fontenot, rocked the wings of their Cessna 182 plane to acknowledge they received the boaters' distress signals.

Rogers said the vessel did not appear to have power. Winds were high, seas were running 4 to 6 feet and there was a small-craft warning in effect at the time, he said.

Turner and Fontenot alerted the U.S. Coast Guard, which asked the aircrew to stay on station with the vessel until they reached the site, Rogers said. The CAP aircrew remained at the scene until the Coast Guard towed the vessel to port about 7:20 p.m.

More than 50 wing members conduct aerial patrols of the coastal waters of the Mississippi Sound and the Barrier Islands each year.

Rogers said the sundown patrol, which extends from the Pearl River at Louisiana to the Alabama line, is conducted two hours before sundown each weekend.

Working closely in unison with the Coast Guard, Rogers said, Mississippi Wing aircrews look for boaters in distress, hazards to navigation and anyone who might need assistance on or near the barrier islands.


International Air Cadet Exchange Program 2016



By: Col Becky Tilton, Deputy Chief of Staff and IACE Project Officer

Each summer, hundreds of cadets from eighteen nations come together to broaden their understanding of aviation and foreign cultures through the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE).  And each year the Civil Air Patrol sends Cadets to foreign nations.  Civil Air Patrol has been the United States representative to the Exchange for more than 60 years. CAP cadets selected for the Exchange have a reputation as being the best of the best; possessing great integrity and leadership ability; a keen interest in aviation and foreign culture; and the desire to share their experiences with theirfellow cadets, family, and community.



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